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Exhibition at Chandlers Cottage.

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

From the 23rd of March, Leesa is holding her first Textile show for the year. This time it will be at her show rooms : 1/20 Canterbury Rd, Braeside. The show will run from Tuesday – Saturday.

I will be demonstrating printing and painting at home using easily obtainable acrylics. This will include using a Gelli plate, mono prints and creating lino cuts and cardboard prints. A variety of my goods will be on display and for sale.

These are ipad covers. They have a fold down flap, held by Velcro. The designs are a mixture of lino cut prints and screen prints.
The designs include an echidna, honey possum, banksia , a black cockatoo and magpies. They are priced at $50. each.

The walkers bags will feature again. These are handpainted screen prints. The bags have a zipped pocket down the side which makes an easy place to secure cards, keys etc. In the top opening, there is room for a drink bottle and sun glasses. The bags are priced at $30. each.

There will be some bags with eco dyed leaves……i.e. the actual gum leaves printed onto silk by contact printing.
The golden wattle has been handpainted with Lumiere paints. The grass trees is a lino cut print.
More Walkers bags…….these feature handpainted animals plus the new Eastern Barred Bandicoot.
Craft bags painted with Lumiere paints.
Some customers have asked for a larger Walkers bag so I have made up ten larger bags. Both sizes will be $30. each.
Brewing up my pots of eucalypt leaves to create eco prints. I also added cotton ropes into the mix. As you can see a variety of colours happen with the brewing. I have added finer cords and pieces of silk to embellish the various bowls. To finish off where the rope ends I have sometimes created a knot and tassel and on others I have sewn beautiful gumnuts.
These lovely rope bowls will be $15. each.

I have also made up two eco dyed bags. These are comprised of cotton and silk pieces. The bags will be $50. each.

Lumiere on bags

Friday, August 16th, 2019
Gum Blossom

The Lumiere paints can be quite dramatic. I tend to prefer the opaque metallic as this covers black and leaves a gleam on the finished work. When mixing the colours for the leaves I just put small amounts of colour with the pearlescent white and blend to achieve a variety of colours.

Grass trees

With this bag the black fabric has been left unpainted to simulate a stained glass window effect. The quilting lines were added last.

Banksia and Hakea seed pod designs.

Here again I have left the black fabric to give the appearance of stained glass windows. I went back over the banksia blossom and touched up the orange dots after the quilting.

Playing with the Lumiere

This work shows broader gaps between the paint. The first is an abstract design the second is a journal cover featuring Sturt’s Desert Pea.