Magazine Bags

Lately I have been making up magazine bags. These are ideal to carry a few magazines around to your quilting  group or home from the newsagency or Op Shop.  Friends have also used them to keep together important folders e.g. medical notes or lecture notes.  The bags are an ideal size to feature my lino-cuts.

 Last week I was very pleased with a new design of the southern blue gum. I added some blossoms down one side as I was planning to team it up with one of Leesa Chandler’s designs. When I printed it up the design reminded me of  woodblock prints of the late 1800’s. The top bag shows Leesa’s gum  blossom design.


This bag has a screen print of two geckoes and I have quilted around the image. The black fabric is an aboriginal design and makes me think of the tracks left  in the sand by the animals.

This bag features a centre panel of actual  gum leaves printed onto seedy silk. I have quilted around the leaf prints and then pieced complementary colours together to create the bag.

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