More Magazine bags

The magazine bags are proving to be very popular. Here are some new bags.

This is a lino cut of the Southern Blue Gum. It is teamed with a heavy textured fabric.


This is a lino cut of a purple swamp hen. I have used colours to reflect a watery environment.

This image is a lino cut of a blue wren in a calistemon bush.

This is a sceenprint of a royal spoonbill. The background has been created by suspending dyes in shaving cream (so the colours do not merge), spreading them on a piece of glass and dropping the fabric on top of the dyes. The background has then been machine quilted.

This is another print of the Southern blue gum, this time teamed with a light beige textured fabric.

This is an ibis design. It has been screenprinted onto a dyed background which has then been machine quilted to give an impression of water.

This is an envelope bag, large enough to carry abook and notepad to Book Club.

The design is an emu lino cut, teamed with a variety of  fabrics patchworked together.

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