The Walker’s Bag

These little bags have been designed to be large enough to carry your keys, mobile phone  and some money or cards in a zippered side pocket.  The top opening is then free to pop in your sunglasses and short drink bottle.

This is a screenprint of little peguins.  Note the side pocket.

This is an applique of gum leaves, embellished with Shiva stick to add extra colour to the leaves.

This is a screenprint of a sulphur-crested cockatoo in a gum tree.This is a lino cut of the coastal bansia blossom and seed pod. The image has been quilted to accentuate the lino cut print.

These two images show different colour ways. The print is another lino cut I made from drawings of  leaves I picked up at Barjarg, close to Mansfield.

I have machine quilted around the print.

I have used earthy colours to show off the little echidna looking for ants. Note the side pocket and the strap. The strap is long enough to go across the body, thus leaving both hands free.

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