Art Quilts

Whorouly South ColoursThis piece reflects the colours around the hills and valleys in Whorouly South. I have dyed most of the fabrics using Procion Dyes. The border was over-dyed in an eco dye pot. I made bands of landscape which I then cutĀ  and repieced. Into the border I have slipped strips of the colours from the main picture.

Walking through the fog grass.


This next piece is also about the colours on the farm in Whorouly South. I have created a lino cut of the fog grass and put parts of it into this image. I have used hand dyed fabrics to try and match the colours of the grasses and hills in the various seasons.


Fog grassThis photo gives a close up of the lino cut of fog grass. The trees on theĀ hills are created using free motion embroidery, where the feed dogs are dropped, and I can draw with the needle and thread.


Hayden landscapeThis is a painting of mine onto fabric. It is around Hayden in W.A., where Wave Rock can be found. Using poly/wool wadding between the top and bottom layers, I have closely machine quilted and also drawn ( by machine ), trees and paddocks.


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