Beautiful Textile Boxes

textile boxes 4These textiles boxes are made from fabrics and threads dyed with gum leaves.

Some of the boxes have pieces of organza and threads sewn on to complement the colours from the gum leaves.

textile box 2                  The edges are whipped with thread over rolled silk.    Various silks are placed on the design block and are sewn and quilted until I am pleased with the design. The  lid has actual gum nuts sewn on, to weigh the lid closed.

textile box 6This lid has a lovely bead for closure. I have created the design using free machine drawing, with cream thread to enhance the blossoms.

textile boxes 3The colours in this silk were superb. I have created a drawing of gum nuts and blossoms using one colour. The seams are whipped.

textile box 4This piece features various silks. The colours are quite diverse. On this on the actual gum leaves have printed from the wrapping and steaming. The lid closure features three gum nuts.

textile box 3This particular box has been designed to hold a box of tissues. Some are for placing dried flowers and gum leaves in, others are boxes for treasures.  I have found some cylindrical containers, so fresh flowers may be placed in the glass, inside the fabric vessel.   These look terrific.

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