Eco Dyeing and Printing Exhibition.

Jackson. Banksia PodJackson. Evening light.This January my work is being exhibited at Montsalvat. As a  group, we have been experimenting with producing prints and dyes from local flora. The  exhibition will run from January 4th until the 29th. Entry is free into the gallery. If you want to look around Montsalvat an entry fee is charged. The gallery is open every day from 9 – 5 pm. Address: 7 Hillcrest Ave Eltham. 9439 7712

On Tuesday 9th January from 1.00 – 3 pm, the four artists will be present to talk about our exhibition and answer queries.

The work presented will consist of framed works, gift boxes, up-cycled garments, hand bags and scarves.

Bush Floor bc 8 IMG_20171114_110236

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