Fabric Vessels

July 11th, 2018

Fuchsia gumThis week I took some of my fabric vessels out to the Stonehouse Gallery in Warrandyte. These vessels are created by spreading fabric over bag felt and embellishing the sides with my artwork. The bag felt gives the vessel structure to stand. The fabrics used are all eco dyed and printed. These are mainly silk with some cotton. Some designs are completely abstract, others have a theme. The two I took to the Stonehouse feature Australian flora.

One features a grass tree and stringy bark trees from the Warby Ranges in Northeast Victoria.

The second has the Fuchsia gum leaves and blossom around it.Grass treeOn the other side of the vessel I have shown the stringy bark trunks in the bush.

Stringy bark treesRocks and grasses have been created around the lower edge.

The following images show the Fuchsia gum.

Fuchsia gum another view

Fuchsia gum close-up

More Journal Covers.

July 10th, 2018

I use a variety of art work to produce my designs. I particularly enjoy lino cuts. Here you have unexpected marks from where the lino is cut away. It means I must work in a particular rhythm with the cutting, so the extra marks add to the design. I like to cut the lino away to create an echo of the branches, animal, grasses, hills and so on.

Callistemon lino cut close-up. Yate journal cover.