Lumiere on bags

August 16th, 2019
Gum Blossom

The Lumiere paints can be quite dramatic. I tend to prefer the opaque metallic as this covers black and leaves a gleam on the finished work. When mixing the colours for the leaves I just put small amounts of colour with the pearlescent white and blend to achieve a variety of colours.

Grass trees

With this bag the black fabric has been left unpainted to simulate a stained glass window effect. The quilting lines were added last.

Banksia and Hakea seed pod designs.

Here again I have left the black fabric to give the appearance of stained glass windows. I went back over the banksia blossom and touched up the orange dots after the quilting.

Playing with the Lumiere

This work shows broader gaps between the paint. The first is an abstract design the second is a journal cover featuring Sturt’s Desert Pea.

Handpainting with Lumiere

August 16th, 2019

Lumiere Paints

Wildflower Designs

I have been using Lumiere paints to create new designs. The paints are delightful to use, a good creamy consistency, perfect for painting. After the painting is complete I place a piece of baking paper over the image andĀ press with a hot iron. This way the paint is permanent and the item can be washed. I suggest a cool hand wash and then lay the item out flat to dry.

After the heat setting I embellish the work with thread painting and quilting. The designs above have been made into small purses. I have mainly used the Australian designs created by Leesa Chandler of Chandlers Cottage fame.

I find her designs true to our native flora and the colourways fantastic.


This little pink Correa is on a journal cover.

Gum leaves
Whenever I am out walking I am forever pausing to pick up the beautiful fallen gum leaves. I just love theĀ  changing hues as the leaf ages. With this design I have also hand stitched around the leaf shapes as an accent. The Lumiere paints were lovely to mix to show the leaf colours. This was also made up into a journal cover.
Golden Wattle
With this Golden Wattle design I have quilted around the design and also hand stitched around the blossom. This is also a journal cover.
All of these products are for sale at The Stonehouse Gallery in Warrandyte.
Small purses with blossoms